The Pulvertaft Papers

A Newsletter about the Pulvertafts and Pulvertofts

 ISSN 0261-118X   As originally researched and compiled by Rear Admiral D.M.Pulvertaft

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Other sources suggest that Pulvertaft is of toponymic origin or in other words it is derived from a geographic location. The earliest medieval record that I can find is a seal as used by landowner:

The second seal is that of John of Pollertoft. It would suggest that Pollertoft, as a location, is now extinct. Other early records give Thomas Pulvertoft as a landowner in Cranmerstow (extinct) in 1485 and Richard Pulvertoft (or Palvertofte) as again, a landowner in a deed dated 1504 (Lincolnshire). The tie to Lincolnshire is further backed up by Pulvertoft Lane, in Boston and  Pulvertoft Hall (PE12 0DG) near Spalding. home Robert James Valentine PULVERTAFT (1897-1990) [60]. Born 14 Feb 1897, Dublin. Married 14 May 1922, St George's Hanover Sq, London. Died 30 Mar 1990, Macclesfield.

Spouse. Elizabeth Lilian Mary COSTELLO ( -1985) [61]. Elizabeth known as Fizz was one of the few survivors of the sinking of RMS Leinster in 1918. Read her account

Deeds 665

Quitclaim, 1504, May 10. 19 Henry VII. 1 item : parchment ; 21.5 x 32.5 cm.

SUMMARY: Quitclaim by John Garneys, Robert Goodehill, Richard Palvertofte, and Richard Yaxlee the Younger, to Christofer Broun, esquire, Richard Colvyle, Edward Broun, and Henry Wykes, clerk, of all their right in the use of the said Christofer Broun and his heirs in the manor of Bosomhall in the county of Lincoln with all the lands in Kyrketon, Holard, Frampton, Alderkyrke, Sotirton, Fosdyke, Whaplode, Holbeche, Multon, and Weston in the county aforesaid, which use the above John, Robert, Richard, and Richard together with John Yaxlee had of the use of the said John Yaxlee by a certain writing dated at Multon aforesaid on the 1st day of April, 18 Henry VII. With 3 seals of red wax, and 1 tag for a missing seal: (1) ( 1 cm.) bearing a device: a ram's head, with the legend: Sigillu thome garneys; (2) (.8 cm.) bearing a device; (3) (1 cm.) bearing a device.

NAMES: I. Garney, John. II. Goodhill, Robert. III. Pulvertoft, Richard. IV. Yaxlee, Richard. V. Yaxlee, John. VI. Brown, Christopher. VII. Colvyle, Richard. VIII. Brown, Edward. IX. Wykes, Henry.

SUBJECTS: 1. Deeds-- England -- Lincolnshire . 2. Lincolnshire ( England )--Charters, grants, privileges. 3. Holbeach ( England ) 4. Moulton ( Lincolnshire , England ) 5. Kirton ( Lincolnshire , England ) 6. Holland ( Lincolnshire , England ) 7. Frampton ( Lincolnshire , England ) 8. Fosdyke ( Lincolnshire , England ) 9. Whaplode ( Lincolnshire , England ) 10. Algakirk ( Lincolnshire , England ) 11. Sutterton ( Lincolnshire , England ) 12. Weston ( Lincolnshire , England ).

HOLLIS number: -BDT1181 (Harvard)